All cleaning assignments are different, size of homes vary, as well as their cleaning condition. While we try to capture as much information as possible from each customer when they place their order, it’s down to how truthful and accurate their reported information is. It is common sense for our Pros upon arrival to look around the home and determine its overall cleaning condition based upon their experience. Usually this is done together with the customer who may share certain preferences. If a home is outlandishly dirty and in your professional opinion cannot be cleaned to high standards within the allocated number of labor-hours then send us a text message and advise condition, perhaps send some photos, and advise how many additional labor-hours will be needed. We will then communicate with the customer who will decide whether to expand the assignment or whether they want you to clean as well as you can within the designated period of time and in accordance with areas of greatest importance to them. It’s important to have good communication so the customer is ultimately satisfied with the cleaning service.

In such situations, most of our more experienced Pros will take before and after photos so that, if necessary, they can be shared with the customer.