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What Is Included In Our Service?

Some prospective customers ask us “What is included in our price” so we thought it productive to prepare an outline describing what we do so that our customers have a better understanding of our service.

E-Z Clean offers a wide array of home cleaning services using high quality standards. Select the type of clean you want, along with any additional services, and together with our online technology we’ll have you hooked up for a service that comes second to none in no time at all.

  • Post-Renovation Clean
  • Post-Renovation Cleans take longer than homes that only require Deep Clean service due to the accumulation of dust. Dust is usually found throughout the house even if the construction/renovation was confined to certain areas. If the home was “cleaned” by others before our cleaning professionals arrive but dust is still visible then this indicates that Post-Renovation Cleaning is needed and if the floors are wooden or tiled then it is advisable to also select Steam Mop Floors, and Vacuum and Wet Wipe Baseboards if present. Post-Renovation cleans automatically select Deep Clean cleaning type.

    Be aware that such cleans are more costly than our Deep Clean service, this is not about looking at ways to charge you more money but to advise that more time is needed to be able to obtain the desired results. After spending what could be thousands of dollars on renovating we want to be sure that you will be happy with our cleaning service and in this regard it is money well spent.

    Additional time and charges are based on a per room basis and can be viewed on the Order Detail on the right side of our check-out page.

    Breakdown of these rooms are:

    Bedrooms, Bathrooms, half-baths, kitchen, den, basement, office, pantry, living room, family room, dining room, all count as individual rooms. Please note all debris, including dried concrete in bathtubs, sinks, kitchen sinks, and dried paint, from construction/renovation work must be removed by clean-up crew before our cleaning professionals will be able to proceed with cleaning

  • Sanitize Service
  • This service is only available in conjunction with our Deep Clean service. As each room is cleaned, it is sanitized in order to disinfect points of contact such as door and cabinet handles, knobs, light switches, telephones, remote controls, and commonly touched hard surfaces. Our cleaning professionals use an EPA registered disinfectant that is effective against germs and viruses, including the Coronavirus. Generally available products such as Clorox/Lysol wipes, Clorox or other brands of effective bleach on certain areas will be used in order to thoroughly sanitize ‘hot’ spots around the home.

  • Deep Clean
  • A one-time, extremely thorough clean. We recommend this level of service on first time cleans as well as Moving Cleans.

    Specifics of the service are outlined below:

    Scrub and disinfect tub/shower
    Scrub and disinfect tiles
    Scrub and disinfect sinks
    Scrub and disinfect toilet inside bowl as well as outside
    Stain removal within tub/shower/sink – where stain can be removed time permitting (not rust)
    Wipe down countertops, shelves (exterior), shower door, shower caddy/soap dish, cabinet fronts, window sills, trash cans (exterior)/empty trash/replace liners
    Detail clean mirrors and chrome
    Clean (usually hand wash) and disinfect floors
    Change towels (when provided)

    Scrub range/stove top and backsplash
    Scrub sink
    Clean microwave interior
    Clean appliance exteriors
    Clean table tops
    Damp wipe cabinet fronts
    Clean countertops
    Vacuum and wash floor
    Wipe down trash cans (exterior), window sills

    All rooms:
    Pick up and straighten
    Remove cobwebs
    Dust/Vacuum furniture
    Method wipe wooden furniture (where appropriate)
    Vacuum carpets & area rugs
    Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings
    Vacuum stairs
    Vacuum under beds
    Vacuum and mopping wooden/tiled/marble floors
    Change linens, make beds (when linens are provided)
    Empty trash/recycling & replace liners
    Dust lighting fixtures/TV and other monitors (not screens)/ceiling fans/door frames/picture frames/table and chairs/shelves

  • Get It Clean
  • A more rigorous clean for those homes needing that extra attention. We recommend this level of service as an intermediary clean between the first clean (Deep Clean) and the third clean (Keep It Clean) on service calls that are monthly or less frequent. It covers the same items as per the Deep Clean listing although slightly less detailed.

    For monthly service, it’s pretty much like starting over depending on how many people live in the home, whether there are children, pets, windows that have been kept open and the amount of dirt/dust accumulation – every home and situation is different. It’s not as long as deep cleaning which is why we call this level of service “Get It Clean”.

  • Keep It Clean
  • A standard cleaning that can also be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly basis. On the first appointment, we recommend a deep clean and all cleans thereafter can be maintenance-based.

    This level of service requires continued service within each time interval otherwise customer is charged for the Get It Clean difference if second service doesn’t take place. Repeat service may be canceled thereafter. Before Keep It Clean service can be requested customer must already have had either our Deep Clean or Get It Clean service, and service must have taken place within the prior one-month period since the Keep It Clean service is a maintaining clean.

  • Optional Add-On Services
  • The following services may be selected on our website at an additional cost:

    Clean inside refrigerator – standard size and condition
    Deep Clean inside refrigerator – standard size and condition
    Clean inside refrigerator – extra large and/or extra dirty
    Clean inside oven (requires spraying by customer night before service) – standard size and condition
    Deep Clean inside oven (requires spraying by customer night before service) – standard size and condition
    Clean inside oven (requires spraying by customer night before service) – extra large and/or extra dirty
    Clean interior windows
    Clean inside kitchen cabinets
    Empty Kitchen Cabinets
    Clean finished basement – regular clean
    Clean finished basement — deep clean
    Laundry (wash and fold)
    Steam Mop Floors
    Sweep Garage Floor
    Clean Dishes / Load Dishwasher
    Vacuum and Wet Wipe Baseboards
    Same Day Service

  • What We Don’t Clean
  • Exterior windows
    Carpet cleaning
    Upholstery Cleaning
    Animal waste
    Mold removal
    Rust removal / Rust cleaning
    Blinds / window treatments
    Permanent stains
    Industrial cleaning
    Lifting of heavy items
    Surfaces above arms reach
    Crown molding
    High ceiling fans
    Air vents & ducts
    Walls & ceilings

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