If you are experienced with Eco-friendly cleaning products then you will already have them; if you’re not then it’s a learning curve. Once you have them you will see the difference and there will be no going back. Many of our other Pros that are starting with us will buy them progressively over a period of time. Making an investment in these products is not only wise but it will be appreciated and noticed by our customers whose homes you clean. It may influence them to give you a larger tip.

As a cleaning company with a reputation for using Eco-friendly cleaning products the decision making process we go through in determining who to offer our assignments to is influenced by what cleaning equipment and cleaning products our Pros have in their possession, as well as their cleaning experience. You have already been asked to send in a group photo of your cleaning equipment and products evidencing that you have what you claim to have. We are very experienced and are only interested in like-minded cleaning professionals who are compatible with our vision.