Our application form indicates a variety of cleaning equipment and products that we recommend. Our decision to offer you cleaning assignments is not only based on your level of experience, and eligibility, but also what cleaning equipment and products you have and whether, in our judgment, you have what is needed to accept our cleaning assignments.

While it is not necessary for you to have everything, everyone needs to have the basics, items that we feel are important are indicated as “Recommended Item” on our application form. More and more consumers opt for Eco-friendly (green) supplies. Bear in mind, these items are not only those we recommend but are also items our customers are looking at that influence their decision in booking our service.

Most items can be purchased at Target which has a terrific selection of cleaning equipment, tools, and cleaning supplies.

As an independent contractor, it is in your best interests to invest in having a well-rounded selection of cleaning equipment and supplies. Not only will customers look upon you more favorably but also us as a cleaning company that is offering our assignments to you for servicing.