To begin with you will be sent a text message that looks like:
“Can you do a 3.5 labor-hours assignment tomorrow in Manhattan at 9 AM? 200 West 57th Street”

If you reply yes and the assignment is given to you (this might depend on how quickly you respond because if you are slow to respond it may be taken by another of our cleaning professionals) then the format of the assignment looks like: “Monday, 11/12 @ 9 AM. Name: John Smith. 200 West 57th Street, apt # 5A, Manhattan. Someone is home. 1/1/Deep Clean 3.5 labor-hours @ $xx = $xx + Tip $xx (if customer includes on order) = $xxx.
Floor mop: Yes
Floor mop item: Rubbermaid
Vacuum: No
Step stool: Yes
Toilet brush: No
Heavy-duty bathroom cleaner: No
Paper towels: No
Kitchen trash bags: Yes
Is this a moving clean: No
Carpet: No
Area Rugs: Yes
Wooden Floor: Yes
Other: Tile
Is this a moving clean? No”

The designation of 1/1/Deep means 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with Deep Clean service. This does NOT mean you only clean the bedroom and bathroom, it’s how we designate the size of the home – you clean the whole home including the living areas and kitchen, except for the basement unless it is part of the customer’s order. Many customers will select from our optional add-ons like “clean inside oven” etc. Our details to you will advise you of the specifications of each assignment and whether any add-ons are included. The estimated amount of labor-hours increases as add-ons are selected. The listing of items that follows with Yes or No responses indicates whether the customer is in possession of these mentioned items, “Vacuum: No” doesn’t mean you don’t vacuum, it means the customer doesn’t have a vacuum therefore it is necessary for you to take one with you.

We are working to provide you with full details via a link and email as we move toward a more integrated platform.

If you can’t do the assignment on the advised day and time, but you can do the same day at a different time, or another day e.g. next day at the same time then let us know. We may be able to change the schedule with the customer – most customers have some flexibility. It’s best not to assume but to ask, there is no harm in asking is there!