We guarantee to provide you with experienced cleaning professionals who are responsible, professional, courteous, and know what they are doing. They will do a walk-through with you either on a room-by-room basis as completed, or at the end of the cleaning assignment, to be sure their cleaning meets with your satisfaction.

It is important for you to spend the time to look over their work before they leave to be sure you are satisfied with the results. Should there be anything the cleaning professional may have missed, or not to your satisfaction, then please ask the cleaning professional to go over it again AND BEFORE THEY LEAVE!

The cleaning professional is always polite and willing to accommodate your request in accordance to your order and to the services provided as detailed in our Services link located in our website header.

If your home is very dirty, or old, or hasn’t been professionally cleaned in a while or not at all, then the end result may not meet with your expectations. Although significantly improved upon than before, it may be that your home will need one or more subsequent cleanings in order to get the home to the level you should like it to be.