Your own home could be the cause of your asthma. Dust mites are commonly the culprits when it comes to triggering asthma symptoms in both children and adults. These nasty creatures live in dust particles that are collected in our houses but not cleaned. Other causes of asthma are pollen that can be brought from the outside through our clothes and wind naturally rushes inside whenever we open doors and windows. Even accumulated dander, which comes from humans and pets, can trigger asthma. In a health survey that was previously conducted, it revealed that around 46,763 adults and 12,850 children in Bergen County have asthma.

To prevent asthma, avoid upholstered furniture and instead, choose or replace them with those made from leather, wood, vinyl, or plastic. Avoid wall to wall carpet as well since it traps dust easily. You can choose smaller rugs that are much easier to clean. If possible, cover pillowcases and mattresses with allergen-proof fabric covers.

However, the ultimate solution is definitely deep cleaning your home once in a while and maintaining it regularly. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and energy for that. The good news is that our company can clean so you don’t have to!

E-Z Clean provides one of the best residential cleaning services in Bergen County, New Jersey. Our goal is to help create a cleaner and safer home for you and your loved ones. What makes us stand out from others is that our professional cleaners are encouraged to use Green Seal products to avoid the adverse effects of toxins found in regular household cleaning agents. These chemicals can cause bronchitis, neurotoxicity, reproductive disorders, and even cancer to name a few. By using Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we’re not just helping Mother Earth, we’re also protecting you and people that matter to you.

We’re nothing but serious when it comes to cleaning your home and ensuring that your expectations are met or even exceeded. We provide hassle-free booking which can be completed with a few clicks on your mobile phone.

E-Z Clean offers 4 types of cleaning jobs which vary depending on how detailed the cleaning is and how often it’s done. We also provide add-on services in case you need additional cleaning in some areas of your home. We can even do your laundry if you request us to!

Thus, if you’re looking for a reliable cleaning service in Bergen County, NJ, then reach out to us today!