Thank you so much for placing your order for cleaning service.

While we do our best to arrive on time and to provide you with a first class cleaning service, there are times when we occasionally fall short.

Firstly, our cleaners, if they are late, this is most often due to unexpected traffic, road construction, accident; or subway/bus delays (if servicing NYC customers); or because their previous assignment went overtime – sometimes customers extend their assignment while the cleaners are there. We will always do our best to communicate with you if the cleaners are running behind schedule.

Regarding the actual cleaning itself – we will always do our best to provide you with a high quality cleaning and most of the time this happens with the majority of our customers being happy with the results. When this doesn’t happen it’s not always due to the cleaner but sometimes the cleaning condition of the home; whether a customer has any organizing to be done – that can make it hard for the cleaning to be done within the estimated number of labor-hours – we address this in a separate link that was provided to you just now, it appears also on our website.

One thing for sure is that our cleaners work really hard doing dirty, sweaty work that is often challenging that others would prefer not to do themselves – this is their occupation and livelihood, as well as ours as a professional cleaning company.

If you are pleased with the experience and you give us 5-stars on our completion form then we hope this translates into a 5 star rating/review on Groupon. Please be mindful of the importance of reviews, even if only a star rating, as a small business this helps us find new customers.

Upon occasion, if you are disappointed with our service, whether the cleaner arrives late, or the cleaning doesn’t exactly match to your expectation, rather than ventilating your frustration in a negative review or rating on Groupon, we would ask that you reach out to us privately for a resolution.

While it’s not possible to give you any credit adjustment, we can certainly address a re-clean of any area that was missed or else was not satisfactorily cleaned. The walk through that you do upon completion is important since obviously if you’re not happy with something then the cleaner can address it while still there. We can also give you a coupon code for a discount towards a future Deep Clean or Get It Clean service. Some may consider that one cleaning company or cleaner is as good as another, or that it is the luck of the draw with respect to who you get on a particular day. Please bear in mind our cleaners are human beings and not work-horses and there are times when perhaps one may be having an off-day.

Thank you for reading this, for your patronage, and for your understanding. We very much appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

Robert at E-Z Clean