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We Help Keep Your House Clean & Odor-free – We are E-Z Clean!

Cleaning is not something we are generally very excited about, however, it is inevitable and must not be overlooked. An unclean house can lead to germ build-up and can eventually make you and your family sick. Not to forget the bad odors that make your house unpleasant to live in. If, due to busy schedules or any other reason, you are not able to keep your house clean, let E-Z Clean take this burden off your shoulders! We are a top cleaning company in Union County, NJ and our services are second to none!

From basic to robust cleaning, we have packages available to suit every need and budget. Based on your requirement, you can hire us for regular, weekly, or deep house cleaning services in Union County, NJ. We also offer cleaning services for special occasions. Schedule your appointment with us today via a website booking at and let our fully equipped team of experienced cleaning professionals help you get rid of all the dirt and mess. We only use “green seal certified” products in our services that are eco-friendly, child-friendly, pet-friendly.