I,   ,  hereby acknowledge in placing my online order that I am buying coupon codes to be used on E-Z Clean’s website by myself; or anyone else with access to these codes once E-Z Clean has delivered them to me. I understand and agree that my purchase of these codes is non-refundable, and non-cancelable, whereby once my purchase is made that all sales are final. Regardless of whether the codes are used on E-Z Clean’s website or not has no bearing on the purchase of any codes in this transaction. There will be no refunds or adjustments made whatsoever for any reason. The coupon codes have no expiration date and their validity is in accordance to their descriptions. The coupon codes have no monetary value by themselves if they are not used on E-Z Clean’s website in conjunction with a placed order for cleaning service. Entering my initials , corresponding to my name, serves as my electronic signature to the stipulations mentioned in this paragraph that I have read and accept; and that the provided contact details, including name, telephone number, and email address belong to me, or to my authorized representative, and by selecting the check box I agree to proceed with this order and to be bound by the above mentioned stipulations.

Check here if the person paying is different to the person named on the order.