Policies/Terms of Service

Please set aside some time to review this Agreement. Utilization of our services constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Agreement and of its terms and conditions. By requesting E-Z Clean4u LLC (“E-Z Clean”) benefits and services by telephone, e-mail, fax, or its website the Client consents to be bound by E-Z Clean4u LLC terms and conditions.

1. DEFINITIONS E-Z Clean is a New Jersey registered business offering residential and commercial cleaning services to consumer and business customers, hereinafter referred to as (“Client”), seeking to utilize its services on a work for hire basis. Quoted or proposed estimates, hereinafter referred to as (“Estimate”) for cleaning services, hereinafter referred to as (“Service”) given to the Client by E-Z Clean (both Client and E-Z Clean are referred to as the “Parties”), the Client acknowledges and accepts the Estimate and the accompanying terms and conditions hereinafter referred to as (“Contract”). E-Z Clean consents to provide Client with such Service at a Client designated location hereinafter referred to as (“Premises”).

2. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE A) E-Z Clean agrees to provide residential and/or commercial cleaning services to Client at a Location indicated by Client. B) Service will be for such cleaning obligations as concurred with Client at the time of booking. C) Service includes but is not constrained to standard cleaning (also known as Keep It Clean), more point by point cleaning (also known as Get It Clean), move in & move out cleaning, and detailed cleaning services (also known as Deep Clean). D) Other additional add-on services as requested by Client remain outside of the stipulated services. E) E-Z Clean will always attempt to provide the same team members to Client, Client understands this may not always be possible; accordingly, E-Z Clean reserves the right to change its Service Providers in its sole discretion. F) E-Z Clean maintains whatever authority is needed to suspend or cancel Service if payments are not received on the due date. G) E-Z Clean attempts to complete all tasks inside assessed times, however such approximations are calculated on typical times needed to clean homes of comparable size. Should a given task, beyond E-Z Clean’s control, take longer than assessed, E-Z Clean reserves the right to charge Client, and Client agrees to pay, an additional fair and reasonable amount. H) The operation of washing machines, dryers, or dish washers, by E-Z Clean Service Providers is done at Client’s risk.

3. ALTERATIONS/ADDITIONS TO WORK A) Neither party may modify the Service outlined in the Estimate without the prior endorsement of the other party. B) Should additional services or variations of Service be required by Client while Service is in progress, then Client agrees to first contact E-Z Clean, who may agree to supply the additional services in its absolute discretion. Client agrees not to request such changes directly with the Service Providers as they are not authorized to make such changes to the Service being provided.

4. ESTIMATE: A) The finite price payable by Client is determined by the amount of time each assignment is estimated to take. E-Z Clean Estimate is an appraisal alone based on E-Z Clean experience, sight unseen, and in view of data provided by Client. B) If at the beginning, or over the span of supplying Service, it is clear the real cost of Service will surpass E-Z Clean Estimate due to: Client gives off base portrayal of property, or if in the perspective of E-Z Clean Service Providers, state of property is in an outlandish state contrasted to requested services. C) Client agrees to inform E-Z Clean in advance if Service required is for an ‘end of tenancy’.
5. SERVICE A) Client must notify E-Z Clean when ordering Service of any hazards, tricky surfaces, dangers or threats, built-in dirt, oil or crud located at the Premises. B) E-Z Clean reserves the right to decline Service for any reason. C) Only the designated areas consented to on the Estimate will be cleaned by E-Z Clean Service Providers.

6. PAYMENT A) Client agrees to pre-pay E-Z Clean for Service in accordance to directions on its website. The invoice amount will match to the Estimate provided on E-Z Clean website, plus any added services, if any, requested by Client. B) If payment is not made by the day of Service, with no alternative arrangements between the Parties in place, then Service will be considered as cancelled, and Client will be charged the full value of the Estimate. C) All payments must be made in US Dollar funds. D) Payments may be made via PayPal, debit or credit card. E-Z Clean will email Client a receipt of their payment transaction.

7. NON-ACCESS FEE A) Should E-Z Clean or its Service Providers be unable to gain entry to Premises and Client fails to return to Premises to let them in then Client agrees to forego entire payment for the scheduled Service. B) Should Client return to premises to let Service Providers in then Client will be charged a waiting fee of $35 / labor-hour that the Service Providers must wait until they are able to commence Service.

8. FEE ON NON-ACCESS TO PREMISES In the accident that the Client does not accommodate unencumbered admission to the Premises for E-Z Clean or its Service Providers to accommodate the Service, the Client agrees to cost absolute agreed aloft fee for the appointed services.

9. COMPLAINT NOTIFICATION Client agrees to notify E-Z Clean within 24-hours of Service of any grievances relative to the services provided.

10. CANCELLATION Client, with the exception of those who have already redeemed a promotion coupon for discounted service such as Groupon or Living Social on the E-Z Clean website, may cancel or reschedule Service with 2 business-days’ notice preceding the beginning of the Service; for example for an assignment scheduled for Friday then such notice needs to be made by the end of business (6.00 PM EST) on Tuesday. Should less than 2 business-days’ notice occur then Client consents to pay a cancellation fee of 100% of Estimate. Orders that utilize a promotion coupon for discounted service such as Groupon or Living Social once redeemed on our website may not be cancelled and are therefore non-refundable; however, they may be rescheduled so long as the requisite notice period is complied with.

11. FORCE MAJEURE E-Z Clean bears no responsibility, nor liability, if unable to perform its obligations, or is otherwise delayed from doing so, as a result of any action beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, any of the following: A) E-Z Clean’s Service Providers are no longer available; B) Sabotage, terrorism, civilian commotion, riot, political anarchism or disturbance, invasion, war, threat or alertness for war; C) Fire, blast, storm, surge, plague or characteristic physical fiasco; D) Immobility of railroads, shipping, aircraft, motor carriage or other means of transport whether public or private; E) Strikes, lock outs or other industrial action; F) any City, County, State or Government decree, statute or law having jurisdiction over the Parties.

12. INDEMNIFICATION A) Notwithstanding any stipulations in this Agreement and while E-Z Clean warrants it should use its best efforts to assure that the work performed is of the highest standard, no guarantee can be given by E-Z Clean in regard of the work; therefore, Client hereby consents to waive all claims for any harm or loss, including consequential losses, which it might generously have against E-Z Clean, its employees, agents, representatives, service providers, mandatories and other persons affiliated in some way or other to such work, such claims having emerged from any cause at all. B) Any fees or costs, whether legal or other, associated with the collection of unpaid sums owing to E-Z Clean by Client, are the responsibility of the Client.

13. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY The content throughout this website, including but not limited to this written document, remains vested with E-Z Clean. All rights reserved 2016.

14. VARIATIONS/AMENDMENTS A) The Parties agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and that none may be amended or varied unless both Parties agree to such changes in writing and signed by both Parties. B) E-Z Clean maintains all authority to modify, redesign, or change these terms and conditions at any time with or without prior notice, such terms and conditions to take immediate effect upon being updated on its website. C) Client concurs that any utilization of Service taking place after any such change, whether as a solitary assignment or as a major aspect of a standard cleaning plan, constitutes their consent to take after and be bound by the terms and conditions as changed.

15. WELLBEING AND SAFETY RISKS A) Notwithstanding the commitments and guarantees, Client recognizes and concurs that: B) The Service Providers are permitted to evaluate the wellbeing and risk factors at the Premises before starting Service. C) The Service Providers, in their sole discretion and at any time upon arrival at the Premises, may decide to not utilize or stop utilizing any Client provided materials or cleaning hardware that represents a hazard to their wellbeing and security. D) The Service Providers, in their sole discretion and at any time upon arrival at the Premises, may decide to abandon Service should it appear to them conducting Service poses a risk to their wellbeing and safety.

16. BREACH OF AGREEMENT A) Should any provision of this Agreement be breached by either of the Parties the injured party shall notify the offending party in writing of its complaint and allow the offending party 14 business days to remedy the complaint failing which the offended party shall have the right to: B) Allow the offending party an extension of time with which to remedy the complaint; C) Apply to a Court having jurisdiction requesting an order for specific action with or without damages; D) Terminate this Agreement and sue for damages.

17. LIABILITY LIMITATION In conditions where Client is qualified to recoup damages from E-Z Clean (including but not limited to fundamental rupture, carelessness, distortion, or other contractual claim), E-Z Clean is accountable for no more than the aggregate of the sums paid by Client under this Agreement. A) Neither of the Parties will be legally responsible for damages, whether indirect or consequential, or for losses of whatsoever nature. B) Any information, including but not limited to those that relate to its business, cleaning products, cleaning techniques, service providers, and operations, provided by E-Z Clean to Client during the Service or in its communications with Client will be for the Client’s utilization only. E-Z Clean bears no liability for any loss incurred by any third party who is provided with such information despite this provision and depends on it. C) The Parties concur that E-Z Clean’ commitment will conclude upon fulfillment of its last obligation, and that no responsibility whether direct or indirect will rest upon it for the impacts of any item or process that might be created by Client and any other third party, despite that the definition of such item or process might be founded on the consequences of the Project.

18. GENERAL CONDITIONS Neither of the Parties may tie the other in any capacity. A) Should any part of this Agreement be found to be invalid, such provision or part thereof will be severable from the rest of this Agreement and will not affect the authority of such left-over portion. B) Neither of the Parties grant to the other the right to utilize its trademarks, trade names, logos or other such designations in any promotional literature, magazine, newsletter, printed publication, social media, or any form of online advertising or promotion without prior written consent. C) Any signed version of this Agreement, or part thereof, is considered an original regardless of whether such signed version is a photocopy, facsimile, or electronic copy. D) Client permits E-Z Clean to communicate with them via its website, phone, text message, email, call center, Skype, telemarketing firm, email marketing firm, electronically or via any other means, including but not limited to printed communications, while providing Service or in the course of solicitation of future Service. E) E-Z Clean will take all reasonable steps to secure personal data supplied by Client from loss, misuse, unauthorized divulgence, change or destruction. F) Client permits E-Z Clean to take before and after photos of Client’s premises to reflect cleaning conditions, and authorizes E-Z Clean to utilize, at its sole discretion, any photos it should like to display on its website, Thumbtack and other sourcing companies, promotions, marketing, or in correspondence with Client or with any other person in a context to illustrate the quality of its service. E-Z Clean agrees not to divulge any confidential information such as actual location of the property or the identity of the Client and in this respect the usage of any photos is generic, except in the area of any dispute between the Parties that results in judicial intervention with a court having such jurisdiction whereby such material may be provided to the Court as evidence. G) This website contains connections to added websites that are not possessed or controlled by E-Z Clean. Please be advised that E-Z Clean has no responsibility for the substance, security, protection, or privacy policies of these outside websites. H) Should E-Z Clean be acquired by, or merges with, another company; or its assets, whether in part or in whole, are acquired by another company or individual, Clients identifiable data will likely be included within other transferred assets.

19. CLIENT REPRESENTATIONS/WARRANTIES Client represents and declares that: A) It will provide an environmentally safe workplace at the Premises for E-Z Clean Service Providers to carry out Service. B) E-Z Clean Service Providers will have unrestricted and unhampered access to those parts of the Premises requiring Service. C) Client agrees to provide E-Z Clean Service Providers with access to hot and cold water, electricity, and garbage bins in order for them to provide Service. D) Client agrees to furnish all customary and essential cleaning tools and supplies required by the Service Providers to provide Service, as referenced on its website, unless Client chooses to use the cleaning tools and supplies that belong to E-Z Clean. Usage of E-Z Clean cleaning equipment and supplies may incur an additional charge as E-Z Clean may decide to levy in its sole discretion. E) All provided E-Z Clean cleaning tools and supplies remain the property of E-Z Clean. F) All Client provided cleaning tools and supplies are harmless, have not been interfered with and are fully operational. G) Client will notify E-Z Clean before Service begins of any threats, dangerous surfaces, hazards or peril, built-in dirt, oil or grime at the Premises H) Client maintains authority to use the Premises and obtain Service. I) Client agrees to safeguard or take away any delicate, breakable, flimsy, fragile, or valuable items, including but not limited to cash, jewelry, antiques, works of art, or items of sentimental significance before the start of Service.

20. NO ENGAGEMENT OF SERVICE PROVIDERS A) Client recognizes E-Z Clean invests heavily in enlisting, selecting and preparing its Service Providers. Unless Client receives written consent from E-Z Clean, Client represents it will not, directly or indirectly, hire, employ, engage, retain, appoint or contract with any E-Z Clean Introduced Service Provider for residential or commercial cleaning or housekeeping services to Client or any acquaintance or colleague of Client while services are provided by E-Z Clean or for a period of 24 months after Clients Last Service. B) Client recognizes that E-Z Clean will likely suffer economic loss and injury, including, without limitation consequential damage, should Client breach this clause.

21. NON-APPEARANCE In the event a Service Provider does not appear at the Premises within the designated 2 hour-window of Service and fails to deliver the prescribed Service, the Parties mutually agree to either: A) A rescheduled Service; or B) A full refund of any received payments from Client.

22. SERVICE COMPLAINTS Client agrees to inform E-Z Clean of any dissatisfaction with the Service within 24 hours of its completion. E-Z Clean endeavors to resolve the problem in a quick and efficient manner and although it is not possible to offer a refund E-Z Clean will schedule with Client to re-clean any area free of charge.

23. EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS The state, condition, or quality of goods and services provided to Client by E-Z Clean with respect to conditions and warranties that are binding on E-Z Clean are those that are imposed and required by statute. To the degree allowed by statute, the obligation, assuming any, of E-Z Clean is, at E-Z Clean’ choice, restricted to and totally released by the resupply of Service. E-Z Clean is not responsible for: A) Not completing or providing the Service as a result of a breach of a warranty by the Client (including a failure by the Client to provide proper materials, cleaning equipment, utility services, a safe working environment or unencumbered access to the Premises); or B) Any damages caused by faulty cleaning supplies or cleaning tools furnished by Client; or C) Not finishing or undertaking Service for wellbeing and safety reasons; or D) Any liability to Client or any third party following the impact of a force majeure, whereby beyond E-Z Clean’ reasonable control; or E) Not finishing or undertaking Service due to a material event or omission by Client or any other third party at the Premises at the time of Service; or F) Existing wear and tear, stains, dirt, damage that can’t be totally cleaned or gotten rid of; or G) Any wear or staining of texture or surfaces turning out to be more noticeable once dirt or grime has been removed; or H) Any economic loss resulting from any damage or breakage to any property of Client (including collectibles, items of sentimental significance) or the Premises; or I) The replacement cost of a lost key or locksmith expenses, unless key was lost by E-Z Clean or its Service Providers; or J) All conditions and guarantees inferred by law in regard of the state, quality or state of the Service which may separate from this statement be binding on E-Z Clean, except as provided in this clause, are excluded; or K) Client recognizes that the aftereffects of any Service may differ contingent upon various variables (counting materials utilized, provided tools, time passed since Premises was last cleaned, and nature of required cleaning), and that E-Z Clean gives no assurance with regards to the real consequences of the Service; or L) Client agrees, as a prerequisite of E-Z Clean providing Service to Client, that E-Z Clean has no legal responsibility (including liability in negligence) to any individual for any economic loss or damage, whether consequential or otherwise, endured or brought about by that individual in connection to the materials or services furnished by E-Z Clean (counting any loss created by, or coming about straightforwardly or by implication from, any failure, imperfection or deficiency or any sort of defect in the supplies utilized or services furnished by E-Z Clean).